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ShenZhen Chuang An Shun Traffic Equipment Co.Ltd. was founded in 1997. We are one of the largest enterprises in the same field which intergrates engineering design, construction, maintenance, researchand development, manufacturing and trading . Our head office is located in Shenzhen which is a city full of reform, development and innovation. We also set up subordinate offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan,Nanjing, and Kunming.We own advanced equipment to assure the quality of all the products .

Our Main Product are Traffic Sign,Road Sign, Traffic Bollard , Rubber Speed Hump,Speed Bump,,Rubber Wheel stopper,Car Stopper,Rubber Corner Guard,Wall Corner Protector,Solar board , Billboard/signboard ,Reflective Convex Mirror, Reflective Vest, Traffic Cone,Parking Lock,Road Stud ,Car Wheel Clamp,G
uard House , Booths.Epoxy flooring and so on .

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