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          Parking Bollard


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          Parking Bollard
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          Product name


          Material Science:high quality steel pipe,high pressure spray-paint


          Application:Removable Traffic Post Usd in parking lot,garage, site,,can be used in the branch of the road for traffic use , or be used parking places for protect use


          Product introductionSpecifications and parameters

          Product Description:

          Steel pipe safety bollard can be used both indoors and outdoors to protect work areas, racking and personnel. With the attractive yellow reflective strips, it is easy to recognize in day or night. We designed fixed and removable bollards, customers can choose different models according to the situation and need. 


          1.  Safety pipe design can be used either inside or out.


          2. Reflective safety yellow finish offers an attractive long lasting look.


          3. Heavy-duty welded steel construction provides long lasting protection.


          4. Base plate includes four pre-drilled mounting holes for quick and easy installation.

          Detailed Images:


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